Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Insights from Female Founders

CEO and co-founder of Opuscope, Soraya Jaber is an entrepreneur promoting diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship and new technology. She has been working to use the potential of AR and VR to allow the world to offer and share a new look at our world.

“It’s essential to surround yourself with a strong team. We all know that building a business requires a diverse range of skills and perspectives, and I’ve learned to leverage my team’s strengths to achieve the company’s goals.

“Recruit ambitious people who believe in your mission. A strong sense of instinct has proven essential over the years. The complementarity of associates is an essential key to building a strong team that will support your vision.”

Founder of BECA, the Black Executive CMO Alliance, Jerri DeVard started her entrepreneurial project in 2021 providing a trusted space for Black C-suite execs to come together. today, BECA has 50 hi-potential Future Leaders in the program from iconic F500 companies.

“Interrogate your idea(s) and invite constructive feedback early on.

“Like a good marketer, before the launch of BECA, I spent months developing a robust marketing plan. I reached out to friends and colleagues and asked, ‘Is this a good idea? What am I missing?’ I received lots of great ideas that helped shaped the organization, ideas far better than my own.

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